Emergency Appointments

Silver Spring, Maryland

Dedicated Care for Prompt Relief

At Sunshine Smiles Dental Care, we understand that dental emergencies can strike at any time, causing discomfort and disrupting your daily routine. Our experienced dentists and dedicated team are committed to providing the highest quality care when you need it the most.


Seek Immediate Care

If you experience a dental emergency, call Sunshine Smiles Dental Care as quickly as possible at (301) 565-8889. We will determine if we need to see you or if we can guide you through handling your situation to treat the pain or injury at home. If your emergency occurs outside our business hours, please call our office for guidance. 

If you or a loved one experiences a life-threatening emergency, do not wait. Contact 911 for immediate assistance.

What Are Common Dental Emergencies?

Here is a look at some of the most common dental emergencies and things you can do to help:

Persistent Tooth Pain: A severe toothache that persists after using over-the-counter pain medication is a dental emergency. Contact us right away. In the meantime, floss around the painful area to dislodge trapped food that may be the cause of your discomfort, and rinse your mouth with warm salt water to reduce inflammation.

Swollen or Painful Gums or Jaw: Swelling and pain of the gums or jaw may indicate an infection requiring immediate care. After contacting our office, rinse with warm salt water, apply cold compresses to the affected area to reduce pain and swelling, and take over-the-counter pain medication to ease your discomfort.

Tooth Abscess: A dental abscess is a pocket of pus that forms around a tooth’s root or in the gums. It can be painful and can lead to serious complications if not treated. If you see a pimple-like bump on your gums, make sure to contact us for an appointment right away.

Broken or Cracked Tooth: A broken or cracked tooth can be very painful and can lead to further damage to the tooth. Make sure you contact us immediately to get the tooth repaired or replaced. In the meantime, avoid chewing on the affected tooth and take over-the-counter pain medication.

Knocked-Out Tooth: A knocked-out permanent tooth is a time-sensitive dental emergency requiring immediate care. Rinse the tooth with water if it is dirty without scrubbing or touching the root, and try to put it back in its socket as soon as possible. If that’s not possible, carry the tooth in some milk and bring it with you to your emergency appointment.

Loose or Dislodged Tooth: If a tooth is loose or partially dislodged from its socket, bite down gently on clean gauze to keep it in place, and call our office to schedule an appointment. We will do everything we can to save your tooth.

Lost or Damaged Crown or Filling: If you lose or break a dental restoration like a crown or filling, it’s important to replace it as soon as possible. Meanwhile, you can cover the affected area with over-the-counter dental cement or sugar-free gum to prevent further damage.

Soft Tissue Injury: If you have a cut lip or tongue, place gentle pressure to stop the bleeding and give us a call. If you have heavy bleeding that you cannot control, please head to your nearest hospital emergency room for prompt care.

Dental Emergency Care Near Me

Injuries may not always look as serious as they may be, and without a prompt evaluation, you risk the chance of serious complications. The sooner you seek care, the better the treatment outcomes. Call us at (301) 565-8889 if an emergency occurs – your dental health is our number one concern!

If you need emergency care or want to learn more about any of our other services, give our Silver Spring office a call at (301) 565-8889. We look forward to delivering the one-of-a-kind dental experience you deserve.